6 Signs That Your Tissue Paper is of Good Quality

Hey buddy, is that the tissue crumps stuck on your face? So yes, it is time to choose a good quality tissue paper. Tissue papers have gained its popularity for its easy use and hygienic values. But having tissue papers in your hand accustoms an equal importance to have a good quality tissue paper. But how are we supposed to know what makes a tissue with good quality? So paper links, renowned for the best tissue manufacturers in UAE, fins the need to educate people about good quality tissue papers.

The most commonly loved feature of a tissue paper are its softness and bulkiness. And also other qualities of a good tissue paper is crafted with specific fibres and methods. To produce high quality satisfied tissue papers, we believe the technology, methods, and fibers used play a great role. As one of the best tissue paper suppliers in UAE, we rely on efficient equipment and chemical components to manufacture the best tissue paper to serve every purpose. So now recognize the basic qualities of a good tissue paper:


The suitable bulkiness of the tissue paper makes it purposeful. And to manufacture tissue papers of specific bulkiness they are subjected with superior technologies through-air-drying manner is one way to maintain the required bulkiness of a tissue paper as in here, the wet urgent segment is decreased to the minimum. The other factors that determine bulkiness are decreased strain withinside the press nips, creping of the paper and many more.


The quality of a tissue paper is defined by its excessive absorption speed to serve its drying function. An excessive liquid capacity is also reliable factor and hence the right refining operations, the creping, the existing layers of the tissue paper makes it to be the best absorbing tissue paper.


The next determining factor of a quality tissue paper is its strength. The strength of the tissue paper are ensured with the strength and arrangement of fibres in the sheet, the molecular bond of the fibres, the presence of components that impart strength. And hence the right component and methods states the strength of a tissue paper.

Wet strength

The extent of a molecular bond serves the purpose of wet strength of the tissue paper. If the ability of the tissue paper to be not torn apart easily when it is wet can be a factor to ensure quality of the quality of the tissue paper.


The most critical factor of a good quality tissue paper is its softness. The softness are of different types like the surface softness, which can be easily felt by hand and the bulk softness, which the tissue paper gains whilst crumbled.

The good quality of tissue papers are also determines while considering the purpose it need to serve. Choosing the right tissue paper for different requirements will ensure its function like facial tissues, table napkins, paper towels, and toilet tissues.

Wipe your face and hands with the best tissue paper manufacturers in UAE.

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