Ultimate Checklist for Buying Tissue Paper

  Tissue paper is a ubiquitous household product. We use it in toilet paper, napkins, paper towels, wipes, and other things. Tissue manufacturers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) use wood pulp to make tissue paper. Few people look past the price or branding of tissue paper. Here is what you need to consider when choosing the best tissue paper:

Raw Pulp

Choose a toilet paper made entirely from raw pulp. Raw pulp is original pulp, not recycled pulp. Tissue paper made from raw pulp – or disposable puree goes through a sophisticated process. It is more comfortable and stronger, even though it costs a little more than tissue paper made from recycled pulp. Tissue paper made from recycled pulp is medium quality and not as comfortable to use as tissue paper made from raw pulp. But this tissue paper is cheaper so if you are more concerned about price, you might want to use this. Tissue manufacturers in the UAE make recycled toilet paper using recycled newspaper or office paper unlike virgin toilet paper. Many people choose recycled toilet paper for environmental reasons. If you want to use virgin toilet paper, find one that is made from bamboo instead of trees. It is more sustainable than toilet paper made from trees since bamboo regrows fast. Tissue Paper


Choose a toilet paper which does not have any odors, foreign matter. Perfumed tissues might irritate your skin, causing allergic reactions and otherwise damaging your skin. Some of the colors used on paper tissues might be carcinogenic. Never use colored tissue paper if you can help it. This is even more important for people who have sensitive skin.


When you are trying to choose between two brands of tissue paper from the tissue manufacturers in the UAE, don’t choose one based on the branding. Measure the weight of the toilet paper and choose the heavier one of the two.

Maxi Tissue Rolls


Your hands are a good judge of the quality of a roll of tissue. The smoother, stronger, and heavier it feels to the touch, the better quality it is.


Good toilet paper doesn’t stick to your body because it has a moderate absorption of water. When you feel hot and sweaty, you can wipe off with tissue paper without sticking to your face. Poor quality tissue paper will stick to your skin.

Ply Count

Three-ply toilet paper is a lot more comfortable than two-ply. This does not necessarily make it the best choice. You have to consider your toilet. If you frequently have trouble with plumbing in your toilet, using a three-ply tissue paper will not help. Two-ply flushes better.


When it comes to tissue paper, whiter is not necessarily better. If it looks unnaturally white, it might be poor quality tissue paper. Facial tissue is soft and absorbent and typically used on the face. To know more about the best tissue paper available in UAE click here.

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