Toilet Paper Can Be Used As More Than Just a Toilet Paper?

Tissue rolls are indispensable in today’s lifestyle. They offer improved hygiene and minimises the spread of diseases. Tissue paper rolls can be utilized for numerous purposes. Paper Link, tissue paper manufacturers in UAE manufactures sustainable premium toilet paper which provides not only hygiene but also comfort. Made from wood they are user-friendly as well as eco-friendly.

You will be surprised by the various scopes of toilet papers. Soft, thin with good absorbent properties Paper Link toilet paper rolls can be employed creatively for different uses. Let us explore a few of them.

As an aid for cuts and nicks

Having sudden cuts or nicks by razors while you are in the middle of shaving can cause unexpected jolt. The aid for that cut most often will not be available in your washroom. Here toilet paper roll can come in handy. You can dab a portion of toilet paper in antiseptic liquid and place it on your wound. This will help to stop the bleeding.

Being one of the leading maxi tissue roll manufacturers in UAE Paper Link tissue products are made from 100% virgin pulp. These tissues keep you safe and healthy.

For removing nail paint

The stubborn nail paints on your nails can be easily removed by using a portion of the toilet papers. Paper is more eco-friendly and therefore a better option when compared to cotton rolls and pads to remove the nail paint.

As regular tissues

Ranked high amidst toilet paper rolls manufacturer in UAE, Paper Link toilet paper manufactures all products in good sanitized conditions. They guarantee complete removal of dirt and germs. Therefore toilet rolls of Paper Link can be used as an alternative for regular tissues. You can wipe your hands or face using it. They come in handy for cleaning running nose and for wiping eyes.

For removing makeup

Removing makeup after a long day is a hectic task. Since makeup is made to be water resistant and long lasting wiping it off is difficult. Using good tissues can make this task easy. Paper Link toilet paper can be used for removing your makeup efficiently. Its good absorbent quality helps you to wipe of the makeup without causing any irritation or harm to the skin.

For blotting lipstick

Paper Link toilet papers can be used for blotting out that extra lipstick and setting the right tone of the lipstick.

For cleaning

Spilled something on your favourite furniture or your valuable decor? Use Paper toilet roll napkin to remove it. Renowned for being prominent maxi tissue rolls supplier in UAE Paper Link have long lasting and pliable tissue rolls which can be employed for cleaning a number of surfaces.

For sanitizing things

Toilet papers are suitable for sanitising your phones, spectacles or any items which you use daily. They can be dabbed or sprayed with sanitizer and utilized for disinfecting objects.

For stuffing items

Toilet papers can be used for stuffing materials. They can be used for stuffing shoes to make it remain intact and in shape. They can also be employed to stuff up any other things as per your necessity for instance glassware for safe transportation.

You can confidently use Paper Link tissue products for your day to day requirements. Don’t forget to get in touch with Paper Link, the number one toilet paper suppliers in UAE.

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