Tissue vs Fabric Towel Which Is Better For Your Face?

Skin is a very delicate and a sensitive organ and if not properly kept clean it is susceptible to various issues like rashes, pimple break outs and other allergies. Dirt, oil, grime, dust etc get easily accumulated in your face and the build up will eventually make the skin unhealthy. For a healthy, bright and hydrated facial skin it is therefore important to regularly and frequently wash the face. With regular washing comes another important factor drying the skin. Sometimes drying is often ignored and proper care for drying is not given. Drying the face using the right materials is just as important as washing the face.

Two types of towels are mostly used by the majority of the people. One is Tissue Towel and the other is the Fabric Towel. As the name suggests while tissue towels are made using paper, fabric towels are manufactured using different types of fabric material which can be washed. The right material to dab and dry your face is tissue towels. Paper Link, one of the leading tissue paper suppliers in Dubai has quality facial tissues which ensure the health of your skin. Our quality products and excellent service have turned us into the best hand towel tissue manufacturer in UAE.

Using fabric towels are a big no since it has many disadvantages and can cause adverse effects in the long run. Tissue towels are the most hygienic when compared to fabric towels. No one throws a fabric towel away after use but tissues are for one time use. There is no chance of germ transmission by utilizing tissue towels. Multiple people use fabric towels so bacteria get easily transferred from person to person. Also once the towels are damp there are high chances of moulds and bacteria to grow in it. The finest facial tissue manufacturer in UAE Paper Link guarantees complete customer satisfaction and excellent tissue towels.

Cloth towels are rough on skin, causing skin tears, redness, wrinkles and other irritations. Overtime the cloth towels become brittle and damages the skin. There are also higher chances of pimple breakouts by using cloth towels. A paper towel is soft and never cause friction on skin and is not harsh on the delicate facial skin. They give you a soothing effect to the skin. Fabric towels make your skin dry and dehydrated. On the hand tissue towels does not dry out the skin. Fabric towel also removes the natural oil completely from the skin. Natural oils in skin are necessary to make it remain healthy and to balance the dryness. Tissue towels does not strip the natural oil from the skin completely.

Another advantage of using tissue towels is that they come in good fragrances which are pleasant to use and make the skin fresh. Tissue towels are also easy to handle and convenient to use. They are compactly packed and do not need any drying like fabric towels. The other advantage of tissue is that your burden of doing laundry gets reduced. With its many advantages people are now turning to tissue paper suppliers in Dubai and searching for hand towel tissue manufacturer in UAE.

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