How Tissue Embossing Changes the Characteristics of Tissue Rolls



Nowadays, tissue paper products such as facial tissue, table tissue, paper towels, towels, cloth, etc. are widely used and play an important role  in both domestic and commercial settings. They contribute to the improvement of our environment’s sanitation, protection, and comfort. In addition to preventing the spread of infectious diseases, tissue papers can be used for a number of purposes. Tissue paper products are designed to provide strength, ultra-light weight, softness, and absorbency all at once.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wholesale Tissue Paper Manufacturer in UAE have worked hard to meet demand by increasing manufacturing, enhancing operating performance, and collaborating with supply chains to get more goods to end-users.

Paper Link, the Toilet Paper Rolls Manufacturer in UAE is specialized in the production of tissue papers for various applications. The tissue’s key advantage is its lightweight, as well as its minimal thickness, which allows it to be lightweight. It can also be bundled in a box for quick transport. The most common color of tissue paper is white, but it can also be used in other colors.


Tissue papers are useful for a variety of reasons, as listed below:

  • Tissue paper is used to cover the mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing and then is discarded into the trash. It is favored over the use of a cloth-made handkerchief. The transmission of infectious disease is halted because nasal fluids are not transferred from one human to another.
  • The tissue papers are light and easy to carry in a backpack; no special care is needed.
  • Tissue papers are not harmful to the environment. Plastics do not decompose and can remain in the soil for hundreds to thousands of years, while they can easily be dissolved in water and decomposed by bacteria.


How tissue embossing Changes the characteristics of tissue rolls

Toilet Paper Rolls Manufacturer in UAE

For tissue-paper products, in particular paper towels, mechanical strength is one of the most important features. The paper towels’ physical properties depend on the physical characteristics of the material from which they were produced, but during paper processing, these properties are altered, particularly during the embossing stage. The relative area of the embossed surface is an important parameter that describes the effect of precipitation.

Nowadays, embossing patterns designed by Toilet Paper Rolls Manufacturer in UAE can be found on all small rolls of toilet paper. There was once a time when toilet paper had no pattern and only one perforation.

Depending on the business and customer logistics, the tissue paper manufacturing process takes a number of different paths from beginning to end. Tissue paper products may appear simple, but their manufacture necessitates advanced science and technology. On large paper machines, large parent rolls are produced,  and then in-house or third-party converters turn them into individual rolls or fold them into sheets.

The embossing method consists of passing through the web of the tissue paper through an embossing nip formed between the first and second rolling of the embossing rolls, in which at least one of the embossing rolls includes at least 30 embossing elements per cubic centimeter, and crossing the web of a tissue paper through the calendar nip formed between the first roll and the second one. Embossing rolls produce a textured pattern on the tissue such as dots and swirls. Creping improves the overall thickness, makes it softer and adds the extension properties to the paper.

Once the tissue paper has been creped, it is sent to a converting machine that converts the paper sheet into tissue products you are familiar with.

A new generation of embossed tissue products offered the consistency and uniqueness that tissue manufacturers sought, as well as a range of other advantages:

  • The efficiency of the line due to sophisticated embossing designs that significantly reduce possible detrimental production, such as log vibration, reduced speed, and premature use of rubber rolling.
  • Precision embossing and winding allow for intricate patterning and neatness in the finished roll, all of which have a significant impact on purchasing decisions.
  • Global market diversity responds to patterns as well as aesthetic variations between markets and cultures around the world. In bathroom roll items, Japan, for example, emphasizes softness over embossed decoration. Absorbency and pattern differentiation on the shelf is essential for kitchen towels in more mature European and American markets.
  • The three most demanded products offered by Toilet Paper Suppliers in UAE features meet customer demand: softness, strength, and compaction.
  • Many tissue paper products have a crucial property called liquid absorption, which is used to enhance cleaning and liquid absorption.

At Paper Link, one of the leading Toilet Paper Rolls Manufacturer in UAE, we believe that the volume of sales represents the level of consumer confidence in the products, and that continuous improvement is the key to continued sales growth. We have drawn up a plan to make our product sets more comprehensive in order to better serve specialty consumer segments.

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