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PAPER LINKS, a leading toilet paper rolls manufacturer in UAE is offering optimum quality toilet rolls which will enhance your personal hygiene experience. They cater to the hygiene requirements of various establishments such as schools, restaurants, malls, hotels, offices etc. Designed with its unique hypoallergenic formula, they are most suitable for your delicate skin. Our toilet paper rolls are extremely soft and will certainly shoot up your freshness and comfort level. These are made with utmost care keeping in mind the accepted industry norms. The premium raw materials and the up-to-the-minute technology work together to bring you toilet rolls with the flawless finish, tensile strength and high absorbency. The offered toilet paper rolls are ideal for all plumbing systems due to its non-clogging attribute and ability to disintegrate in water. Our 1 ply and  2ply toilet rolls are made from high quality white 100% virgin pulp tissue. Each of our highly acclaimed toilet paper rolls comes with easy to tear perforation in both embossed or non-embossed models. Being developed in hygienic conditions, these toilet paper rolls are extremely safe to use.

Looking for quality toilet paper suppliers in UAE? If so, look no further than Paper Link. We supply high-quality products that last for a long time, including toilet rolls. Our 1-ply and 2-ply paper rolls are created with quality virgin pulp tissue for commercial locations or business spaces. A wood-based material, virgin pulp can be utilized to produce an array of paper-based goods with sustainable qualities. It is sourced directly from newly cut trees and does not have recycled content. Products made from virgin pulp tissue are also thought to be of high quality. This makes us one of the top-quality toilet paper suppliers in UAE.

As with any other form of cleaning supply, you may feel that toilet paper items are created equal. However, there are factors that differentiate the products, including their roll size and ply count. The terms 1-ply and 2-ply refer to quality forms of toilet paper with one layer and multiple layers of tissue for use in commercial environments. There are multiple stacked sheets in 2-ply toilet paper, so it is thicker and rather textured to offer more softness. It is softer, more durable as compared to 1-ply toilet paper, but the latter is a more affordable option.

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