Interfold/Hand Towel Tissue

Our premium range of interfold paper Hand Towels are perfectly suitable for both  in home and away from home use. Designed with single-sheet dispensing feature, our interfold hand towels can reduce the cost in wastage’s and also avoid cross contaminating next tissue.  We offer superior quality interfold hand tissues to our privileged customers at justified rates. Manufactured using first-class raw materials, it is soft, strong and highly durable. Our perfect finish and  vividly embossed interfold hand towels are available in 1 ply and 2 ply sheets and are incredibly suitable for quick drying of hands, keeping them soft and supple. Keeping hygiene as the parameter, our interfold tissues are sterilized with a view to curtail the spread of harmful germs. As a mark of excellence, we use only 100% virgin pulp for manufacturing our feather-soft and tensile interfold hand tissues. We also undertake customized production of interfold tissues to enhance the satisfaction level of our privileged customers. Our interfold hand tissues are ideal for all washroom interiors as they poses high absorbing  capacity. By employing sophisticated automatic machineries, our interfold tissues are manufactured and hygienically packed in a untainted environment. They are specially designed and manufactured to exceedingly satisfy your daily hygiene requirements. By following strict industry and ecological norms, they are manufactured as 100 percent environment friendly.

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