Paper Napkins

Paper Napkins are one of the crucial elements that can add to your establishment decoration, so ensure you constantly make the proper selection.

‘PAPER LINKS’ is a preeminent tissue napkin manufacturer in UAE, supplying premium quality paper napkins which is suited for all occasions. Our paper napkins are exceedingly strong and comes in an elegant white colour. Designed with vivid embossing, our top quality paper napkins are available in single fold and double fold models and comes in single ply and 2ply paper to be gentle on your skin. Due to it’s modishness and ability to wipe-off things easily, they are greatly preferred  by caterers, hotels, salons etc. Our classy tissue napkins are an addition to any dining table ,owing to their ability to deliver comfort and hygiene. They are earth-concious paper napkins made with 100% pure virgin pulp, manufactured with a view to escalate the satisfaction level our privileged customers. As they are offered with high liquid absorbing feature, they can become ideal substitutes for conventional cloth napkins. These napkins can be availed at competitive prices and are also convenient to carry and use while travelling anywhere, anytime. Manufactured using selectively procured raw materials, streamlined touch free production and packing process, our tissue napkins are certainly a great way to complement your hygiene in style.

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