Facial Tissue Private Labelling

Your brand name can tell many things about you…just beyond a memorable logo, a good brand can bring name, fame, and prosperity to your business.

Private labeling is a most common and cost-effective way to promote your brand or your company name in the marketplace.If you are buying many Facial tissues regularly or If you are a distributor or supplier of paper products who want to carry your own private label, PAPER LINKS can help you. At ‘PAPER LINKS’, we offer private labeling of facial tissues in order to get utmost publicity for your brand.we  gladly join our hands with our clientele in establishing their own brand and identity.


Our private label offering includes a wide range of products in multiple configurations to best meet your needs.Backed by years of proficiency in this arena,  we are able to respond rapidly and flexibly to marketplace changes and we are in a position to offer our customers individual product concepts, consultancy, and services.  We understand the competitive nature of this industry and the need to be economical and offer higher quality which is why our facilities, machinery, and processes are incessantly being augmented to offer customer leading edge.We emphasize the significance of high and unswerving product quality.Our integrated sales and marketing teams will enthusiastically assist you to formulate marketing strategies to penetrate into the market and strengthen your product’s  brand awareness .our altruistic support will certainly exceed all your expectations.



Our premium tissues are one of the prime reasons to choose us for private labeling service.our facial tissues have been widely accepted owing to its ultra soft and high absorbing texture, vibrant embossing and top quality. we make use of our custom built production unit to manufacture top quality facial tissues which are available in different box shapes(rectangular and cube), different gsm and sizes. Our facial tissues are manufactured and hygienically packed without a touch of hands in a 100% germs free environment.


Being customer-centric, We invest more time in market research than any other dedicated private label tissue manufacturer to find out what is best for our customers and as a result, we are able to produce top quality, cost-effective tissue products which are in high demand among customers.we also specialize in manufacturing customized tissue products to satisfy the unique requirements of our elite customers.


Our in-house package-design team works with you to develop eye-pleasing packaging and labels that complement your brand and set you apart.From designing your logo and tissue box designs up to the timely delivery of tissue products, we will relentlessly work to ensure that your product becomes the cynosure in the market.


We take pride in providing value well beyond taking your order.Not to mention that we consistently stay in minds of our customers, even with whom we’ve dealt only a single time. we’re gratified to have earned the confidence of our customers all across the Middle East.


We are equipped with multiple warehouses across UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai & U.A.Q)  to store products securely and to undertake time bound delivery.Our dedicated logistics experts constantly find ways to reduce the time from order to delivery and as a result, we’re positioned to serve you quickly and efficiently.


We undertake all our activities with a firm belief that there is no other planet to live in.As a socially responsible business concern, we take every possible step to safeguard our environment.


our private labeling service is carried out in a very organized manner.we ensure that whatever step we take is beneficial for our customers.beginning from client consultation up to the delivery of product, we will assist you enthusiastically for your success.


We will initially have a consultation with you to understand your unique requirements.


Our in-house designers will help you to design your product packaging to your own predilection.


We start the production of your facial tissues according to your specifications by implementing outstanding manufacturing practices.


finished products are delivered within the guaranteed time to your location, anywhere in the U.A.E

We are eager to work with you to develop bespoke private label solutions. Get in touch with us if what you need is sophisticated retail ideas, customized facial tissue products or the use of an in-house art department and creative team to craft your unique package designs.


#  With private branding, you can create your own unique image, which begets a marketing identity and promotes stronger customer recognition and loyalty.

#   facial tissue packaging and labels are tailored to meet the private label owner’s specifications, including product name, description, company’s logo and contact information.

# Private labeling gives you an exclusive right to sell the products by exercising more control over pricing, marketing, sales, and distribution.

#  Private labeling of facial tissues allows you to quickly acquire the model which is highly in demand, and make it ready to for delivery.

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