Best Toilet Paper Doesn’t Cause For Allergies

The usage of poor quality toilet papers can lead to various kinds of skin allergies. Low grade toilet papers contain chemical ingredients and inappropriate fragrance which may not be suitable to skin. When such local toilet papers are used you may end up with itching, burning, redness or swelling. On top of it if you have sensitive skin you may end up with serious allergies. Therefore it is always recommended to use toilet paper from reputed and trusted brands. Paper Link, toilet paper rolls manufacturer in UAE offers high grade toilet papers which are suitable for all skin types. All the products of Paper Link are manufactured from 100% pure virgin pulp. Quality products and excellent service have turned Paper Link into one of the best tissue paper manufacturers in UAE.

Sensitive skin allergies due to toilet papers

Tissue papers which are manufactured in conventional manner do not usually take into consideration the after effect caused by the materials used in it its manufacturing. Toilet papers normally contain numerous chemicals like synthetic fragrances, dyes, formaldehyde and chlorine. To make toilet paper appear softer and to enhance its physical attributes often more chemicals are used. Using such tissue papers can lead to a condition called vulvitis (itching, burning, redness or swelling). Another allergic reaction of using chemically treated toilet paper is yeast infection. Toilet paper chemicals can cause imbalance in the pH level and cause infections. Rough toilet paper manufactured with low quality materials can also cause cuts which in turn can lead to many other allergies and infections. Having been in the industry of maxi tissue roll manufacturers in UAE for many years Paper Link manufactures all its products only after taking into consideration the impacts of toilet paper on skin.

Best toilet paper for allergies

Since tissue papers have direct contact with skin, before buying toilet rolls you have to consider certain things to ensure that they are safe for the skin. Paper Link, toilet paper suppliers in UAE have numerous varieties of tissue papers which does not cause any kind of allergies. Renowned as the leading maxi tissue rolls supplier in UAE, Paper Link can undoubtedly claim that all the products are produced pertaining to the industry standards.

Raw Materials

Before purchasing toilet papers always check the raw materials and ingredients used in its manufacturing. Use toilet rolls manufactured from virgin pulp. Avoid toilet rolls which mention artificial fragrances and synthetic chemicals.


Look into labels of the toilet roll packets. The labels usually mentions things like whether they are hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, septic safe, toxin free and other quality aspects like ply, texture etc.


It is advised not to buy cheap toilet paper. Toilet rolls which are priced at low rates compared to the standard rates in the market will often be manufactured using low quality sub standard materials.

Supports pH balance

A good quality toilet paper will give good support in pH balance. Such toilet paper will be safe to use and protect the skin from allergies and infections.

Comfort and absorbency

Buy toilet rolls which are comfortable to use and have good absorbency. Toilet rolls which are rough cause skin irritation. Also toilet paper which tears apart quickly is of no use. Therefore always look into its absorbency and comfort level.


Purchase toilet paper from established brands instead of buying toilet papers which are locally available in the market. Locally manufactured toilet rolls often compromise on various attributes. Reputed brands will manufacture toilet rolls adhering to proper quality testing and checking.

If you are searching for high quality toilet papers which are safe for your skin get in touch with Paper Link the number one toilet paper suppliers in UAE.

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