Can toilet paper be used for new born babies?

Tissue products have a very important role in maintaining hygiene. Tissue products are designed and made differently for serving different purposes. Since tissues are made using paper they are environment friendly. Disposing tissue products are easy and eco-friendly. Paper Link, one of the leading tissue paper manufacturers in UAE produces topmost quality tissue products for multiple purposes. We can proudly say that we are the chief toilet paper rolls manufacturer in UAE.

Our wide range of products include facial tissues, fold tissues, table napkins, maxi rolls, hospital bedrolls, toilet rolls etc. Used primarily for sanitary purpose tissue rolls have to be very hygienically made with the high quality raw material. These tissue napkins and rolls come in different sizes. Being the best tissue paper manufacturers in UAE, Paper Link uses 100% virgin pulp as raw material.

Cleanliness is very important to keep diseases at bay. Cleanliness and hygiene is even more important for babies. Babies are prone to more disease since their immunity power is very low. Hence there are many vital points to keep in mind while maintaining the hygiene of babies. Some of them are as follows:

• Diaper change - Regular Diaper change is very important for babies. After change of diapers babies have to be      cleaned using wipes/good toilet papers. Out of the entire toilet paper rolls manufacturer in UAE, Paper Link makes toilet paper of unparalleled quality.

• Bath - Do not over bath the babies it will dry out their skin. Clean baby eyes, nose and ears carefully and separately.

• Clean hand - Before touching a baby make sure one’s hands are always clean.

• Use good wipes and toilet papers – If toilet papers are used make sure to use those which are suitable for babies.

• Trim nails - Trimming nails have to done very vigilantly and carefully

Since tissue papers are used mainly for the hygiene of skin, only good products should be used. Skin is very sensitive and usage of low quality products can lead to allergies and skin diseases. For babies we have to be even more careful. Usually wipes are preferred over toilet rolls for babies because of its antibacterial nature Toilet rolls in a number of ways can be used as an alternative for baby wipes. Instead of wipes good toilet paper can be used for babies. If high quality toilet papers are used skin problems like rashes, bacteria buildup etc can be avoided. Toilet papers can be converted into wipes. This can be done by mildly soaking the toilet paper in a little amount of warm water, baby oil and baby wash. After using this made up wipe, clean the baby using a dry toilet paper. If not properly dried off after using a wet wipe it can lead to other skin infections. The moisture left in wet wipe can lead to bacterial build up. Therefore to be safe always use dry ones after wet one ones are used.

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