Different Types Of Tissue Paper And What It Is Used For?

A tissue paper is a versatile piece of paper with a number of uses. A coffee spill, and you will rush to get a tissue paper. Similarly, when you need to deep fry some snacks for your kids, it's the kitchen tissues that you want. Tissues come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and textures. Being the most quality-oriented wholesale tissue paper manufacturer in UAE, the aim is to get you introduced to everything tissue. So let’s have a run through of the different kinds of tissues and learn what they can be used for.

Types of tissue available at the wholesale tissue paper manufacturer in UAE and its uses

Face tissue

As the name suggests, facial tissues can clean faces. They are soft, smooth, thick and absorbent and can also be used as disposable paper handkerchiefs. You can also carry them around when you have the cold or the flu, just blow your nose into it and throw it away.

Paper towels

Paper towels are in huge demand and they generally come to the rescue when you have little accidents in the kitchen. Hence they are perfect for cleaning and quick mopping up. The tissue paper manufacturing company in UAE comes with different levels of ply. It could be 1,2,3, depending on the layer of the paper.

Wrapping paper

The wrapping paper that you get with the glasses, ceramic cutlery, clothes and even gifts are actually a kind of tissue paper. They come in coloured varieties too. Though they are thin and translucent, they can be really good at keeping the goods safe.

Table napkins

As the name suggests, table napkins are decorative and usable accessories that add character to your dining table during parties. They come in really handy when you have a party. The choice of table napkins from the tissue paper manufacturing company in UAE can really make your tables stand apart, beautiful, elegant and classy.

Industrial wipes

Industrial wipes have a variety of applications in institutions and industries including manufacturing and engineering, automotive, printing machinery, aerospace machines and so on. They are used for cleaning, polishing purposes. They have low-linting, are strong and durable, thereby making them perfect for wiping and polishing equipments.

Toilet paper

The toilet tissue is perhaps the most purchased tissue product in the world. The quality of the paper varies according to their coarseness, fibre type, durability and number of plies. You can check with the wholesale tissue paper manufacturer in UAE to know exactly what kind of paper would suit your purpose. The tissues are used not only in bathrooms, but for removing makeup, blowing nose, wiping spills too. Since they have so many uses, the toilet paper comes coloured, patterned, medicated and perfumed.


As one of the most sought after tissue paper manufacturing company in UAE, we have advanced so far in the field of tissues. With perfected technology, there are so many different varieties of tissue papers available for sale, depending on their absorbency levels, strength and durability. Paper Link is a reliable wholesale tissue paper manufacturer in UAE producing reliable and ultra absorbent tissues at excellent, competitive rates.

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